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aestheticalliance* launches in Melbourne in 2009. Serving as a collaborative agency for artists and designers who wish to realize creative exposure and promotion through exhibitions and events, aestheticalliance* allows creative individuals and enterprises opportunity to expose their aesthetic value and strengthen their commercial viability.

As a curator/exhibition producer, Marisia Lukaszewski has a deep interest in the broad sweep of art & design and the way it affects how we think and in turn, how we live. Educated as an art historian, curator and gold and silversmith, Marisia has worked in the fine art and craft sector for nearly 10 years. Sadly as a jewellery designer, there is little time now for making, as her primary focus has been projects that creatively promote the works of others, mainly through exhibitions within key arts organizations. Previous to this she made and sold costume jewellery both here and in London and then enrolled at RMIT to delve into the fine art of gold and silversmithing.

Most recent exhibition projects have included Melbourne Fringe Designing Nhow in Milan in 2008, which evolved as a result of her role as exhibition producer of Fringe Furniture, held annually at the Melbourne Museum for Melbourne Fringe from 2005 to 2007.In 2006 she coordinated design business related projects for Lab3000 and the 2006 State of Design, culminating in producing the exhibition of the 2006 Premier’s Design Awards also at the Melbourne Museum. She returned to her hometown of Melbourne in 2005, after leaving the role of Gallery Manager at Form-Centre of Contemporary Craft & Design in Western Australia (previously known as CraftWest) continuing to refine her curatorial focus to that of the craft and design mediums emerging and developing in Australia. As the first appointed curator of the Maroondah Art Gallery in Melbourne, established in 2001, she had begun to live out a dream of realizing her own curatorial ideas and having a diversity of artworks complete the narratives that underpin most curatorial programming and exhibitions.

Motivated to create situations of whimsical thought and obvious beauty, aestheticalliance* will now develop opportunities for fresh and engaging ideas and communication about art, craft, and design or, a mesh of all. Most recently Marisia has developed an interest in combining art practice fields and/or mediums that are sometimes thought to be separate. With a growing focus on taking Australian creativity off-shore, aestheticalliance* wishes to promote primarily Melbourne’s creative design culture through a business conduit; creating opportunity for artists to vent a diversity of expression, ideas and thinking amongst Australia’s cultural capital and beyond...and that means the world! Marisia has employed the idea of the “collective vehicle” to promote art, craft and design from Australia as the way to develop export markets and to create offshore opportunity and hopes to continue to do so.

aestheticalliance* aims to investigate, to promote and enhance Australian art, craft & design and its connection to the intricacies of a global view, ideas, memories, transient thoughts, sustainability, the environment, literature, childhoods, colour…the broad spectrum of daily life and how artists are influenced by whatever interests them. aestheticalliance* will try and enable artists to develop and expand on their current or emerging practice. This is a broad and ambitious aim but as a result of a professional practice founded on a strong knowledge base of event related skills and visual arts exhibition experience both locally, nationally and now, internationally aestheticalliance* will hope to break new ground, aesthetically, creatively and through the alliances of others. It is hoped future projects, not only of artistic export, will be realized and promoted with optimistic business outcomes for all those involved.

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