We decided on a whim in October 2006 to collaborate and produce a range of contemporary jewellery to sell at the Melbourne Design Market two months later. Our intention was to create a collection that combined our backgrounds in jewellery and graphic design, involved colour and allowed us to combine industrial processes with the hand-made.

Inspired by the children’s book, Harold and the Purple Crayon, where Harold creates the world around him by drawing it, we launched a range of seven ‘hand-drawn’ brooch designs in December 2006, each made from stainless steel and powder-coated in one of seven bright colours.

The range proved successful and we found design-oriented retailers and galleries to represent us, and increased production. Since then, we have added bangles and earrings and are currently working on new earrings and necklaces.

The two of us work across all aspects of the business and each brings very different skills, interests and approaches. It is important to us that the designs are wellresolved and that the work is made in Australia.

My work as a Melbourne-based freelance designer and visual artist is concentrated on graphic art, contemporary jewellery and sculpture.

Since migrating to Australia from Israel in 1993, I have explored a wide variety of media across the fields of art, design and fashion. My work is driven both by concept and process with some work developing during the actual making (construction defines form) and other work carefully planned before fabrication begins.

My interest lies in creating pieces with a minimal yet timeless appeal, whilst retaining a sense of balance and functionality. My time is divided between in-sync, and designing and making private commissions and exhibition pieces.

Exploring art and design at the London Institute at the age of twenty-seven led me to study Gold & Silversmithing at RMIT where I graduated in 2000. This has allowed me to run my own home-based business as a designer/maker for eight years, bringing enormous satisfaction and enjoyment. Forming in-sync design with Iris in 2006 has added a dimension of collaboration and a new business that I co-run parallel to my own.

The daughter of a potter and a landscape architect, I grew up in Adelaide in an environment that valued good design, slow food, travel and creative expression. My own work is understated, organic and sculptural and my approach to business is enriched by previous positions held in administration, community development, training and publishing.

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