Materials and objects have their own personality; this is the sum of what we can ‘see’ and ‘feel’ about them. In a society, always engaged in a continuous and mad focus on technology, it could be a good choice to stop for a while, to look around and pay more attention to what surrounds us in everyday life. Have you ever stopped to watch the surface of an old object and tried to imagine its life through the years? Every dent or scratch on the object becomes part of the creation of the pieces’ personality and helps to make it unique. My goal is to produce works placed between art and design. The peculiarity of re-used materials, with their surface alterations rich in history and meaning, makes every piece peerless. The assembly technique, made of welding and rivets, contributes to the final aspect of the object. Nothing is covered, disguised or hidden, the frame becomes feature and vice versa. My particular regard for chromatic matching and the combination of old and new shapes is my keenest focus in the search for a pleasant and deep contrast in the resulting object. Flaws become style. These elements as a whole make the work a “living thing”: metal becomes flesh, the skin is ever-changing. The contact with my products should convey their vibrations, a sort of parallelism between subject and object.

… “It’s too difficult for you”, “It’s impossible to do it, it’s better if you change your mind”… I think that these are the most irritating and harmful thoughts you can express about your own desire to improve yourself. Nowadays people are tied to industrial production, therefore ideas are acquired, taking into account this process. As a consequence it takes you away from your aims instead of giving freedom to the expression of concepts. I believe that an approach to design following this direction is akin to the same “enthusiasm” that a worker has when he goes into the factory and must push a button all day long. I would like to propose a completely new way, under the pseudonym “Vibrazioni Art Design” I intend to rebel against the industrial production which is hiding our personalities. I desire to prove that today I can do what for others is too difficult or impossible and I would like to do it on my own, caring about all details, with my mind, my hands, giving a soul to my work so that it will always be different from the previous design to the next.

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